Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

As the light waned and the air chilled,
she retreated within herself—
a hibernation of the soul
to reflect, recharge, and reimagine.

Please leave a message.
Someone will be with you shortly.


Photo of yellow leaf in water by Przemysław Sakrajda on Unsplash

Photo by Przemysław Sakrajda on Unsplash

The tide is strong,
and my legs are tired.

My head slowly sinks
the waterline.

I can hear
my heartbeat,

reminding me

I am


Nova, courtesy of Wikipedia

Nova, courtesy of Wikipedia

Over a billion years ago a star exploded,
Exhaling cosmic dust into the universe:
Death; rebirth.

We were but specks then, you and I.
Into space we were thrown, traversing
The dark unknown.

It’s unclear how many life cycles we endured,
How many times our star specks were born
And reborn

Until this age of perfect gravity,
When our cosmic dust was reunited
And ignited.

Once remnants of the heart of a nova,
Metamorphosis can’t undo the connection,
The affection.

I’d know your glint in a sea of light;
You’d seek my fire in a world ablaze.
We are always.

Because together, we make home. Constant,
Independent of time. Your speck
And mine.


Craigslist personals:
graveyard for broken hearts and
unfulfilled desires.

W4m cries text
soaked with red wine and late nights,
still looking for him.

Lonely, just moved here
seeks a friend and maybe more.
Is anyone there?

Woman in the park,
he thinks you could be the one,
but he lost his nerve.

Unhappily wed
craves that missing piece–a spark
of connection–hope.

Here’s a toast to you,
the lonely, misplaced, and blue.
May your dreams come true.




Photo by Loic Djim on Unsplash

I used to be so
Comfortable in my mind,
Alone in my skin.

Somewhere, a seismic
Shift jostled loose the threads of
My independence.

My heartbeat echoes,
The only company here
In my hotel room.

I crack the window
Because I can’t breathe. Gasping
And grasping for life.

Home is hours away,
But it feels like light years now.
Are they missing me?

I asked for a double,
One bed for me and one for
My anxiety.

We say our goodnights,
And then I switch off the lights.
The empty floods in.

Hang on until morn.
The sun always warms the soul.
Hang on. Just hang on.