byeloveyoucatIt’s been ages since I’ve penned a limerick. Actually, I think it’s been well over a decade, so forgive me if my skills are a bit rusty. The form seemed a fitting tribute to one of my favorite events each year, Appleseed Comic Con. Thank you to all who made it what it was–for sharing your weekend with me and allowing me to be part of this each year. Much love to you all.

There is a weekend but once a year,
And when it passes, I shed a tear.
So much geekery
In this hand-picked family
Making memories forever held dear.

Connections that span the globe
Paying no mind to age or zip code;
+ sapiosexuality:
The atmosphere charged to explode.

In this moment, we belong
Among ink strokes and hummed song.
You idealize,
And I harmonize
Until we are forced to say, “So long.”

Monday arrives empty and cold,
My head full of secrets (un)told.
Just a weekend
Spent among friends
And yet worth any amount of gold.

May the apple tree live forever;
Under its branches we’ll all gather.
Aye, perhaps a dream–
A fleeting sunbeam,
But its warmth will fade never.