Moe-TEE-uh. Known to most as Ashley or AJ.

10527467_10102024176800468_226581106193384707_nHello! I’m a country farm girl who moved to the big city in a horse trailer. Twice. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian (or a masked superhero). Once, I was a poet. Now, I work as a copywriter and digital marketing strategist at a full-service advertising firm in Fort Wayne, IN. I also moonlight as a freelancer and teach undergraduate public relations.

I earned my master’s in communication studies here, and I obtained my undergrad in English (professional writing) here. Interests include linguistics and language, psychology, all things nature, metal music, cats, an assortment of geekery, and knitting.

Why choose “The Pensive Pilcrow” for a blog name? The pilcrow has always been my favorite punctuation mark. It denotes a new paragraph (“Oh, thaaat symbol! I’ve seen that in MS Word!” you say). A new paragraph marks the beginning of a new thought or building on an existing one. The Pensive Pilcrow means just that, with a dash of fun alliteration.

If you’re curious about where else I reside on the web, feel free to stalk me here. The best way to get at me is to tweet me @ajmotia.

Disclaimer: always a work in progress.

[Unless otherwise noted, all images and content on the Pensive Pilcrow belong to me, Ashley Motia. Please don’t steal.]