Thick clouds blind my eyes
Eating moonlight and starlight
And my peace of mind.

Opaque harbingers
Heavy with eerie street lamp
Glow and threat of rain.

The wind changes course,
Giving way to glimpses of
Faint and hopeful light.

Quiet, restless heart.
Have patient faith that the sky
Will be clear again.

Just because we can’t
See the stars doesn’t mean they
Aren’t shining on us.

One thought on “HAIKU: STARS

  1. Oh my – the last two “stanzas” are particularly powerful and hopeful :)

    How are you doing? Headed for LA next week but if you have time to get together before the summer runs out, I’d love it!

    Marcia Dixson
    Associate Professor
    Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning

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