Can we take a moment here? A moment to stop and look at ourselves in the mirror? Not the mirror of self-admiration but the mirror of being honest with ourselves? If you’re ready for that, read on.

Please use your thumb so you can't type on your phone anymore.

Please use your thumb so you can’t type on your phone anymore.

Maybe it’s this turbulent 2014 that everyone seems to be having, but social media has been really whiny as of late. We get it: you hate conference calls, your sister isn’t a very nice person, your boss doesn’t appreciate you, traffic sucks, it’s sunnier somewhere else, ad nauseum (no, seriously, nauseum). What’s more is some of these offenders moan about the same thing every. single. day. Misery may love company, but you’re wearing us out with that shit.

Ask yourself this one question, and answer honestly. Would YOU want to follow you? Social exchanges are, by the nature of an exchange, a give/take relationship. If all your social media is full of negativity, what value are you giving others? Why would anyone want to engage with you? Further, if you don’t like something, change it–don’t just tweet about it. If you sit on your ass after going off on some long diatribe about how “someone should really do something about _____” you clearly don’t care about it that much.

“But I use social media to vent so I don’t go all Milton on the place and burn this MFer down.” Venting is natural, and if blowing off some steam helps you maintain your sanity, please vent away. But when the venting hijacks your feed–when that’s your primary mode of communicating with the world–it might be time to step away from the smartphone or desktop and find an outlet for that frustration.

Real talk and human emotion is welcome. Constant bitching is not. Be cognizant of what you’re putting out into the world. More often than not, positive input receives positive output.

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