Some people really get into Valentine’s Day. They look forward to it all year long, envisioning a sequence from a beloved romantic movie they’ve probably watched 174 times (oh, hello there, Sleepless in Seattle). Others would prefer to act like the day doesn’t exist. It’s just another day on the calendar, folks! Move it along; nothing to see here!

Whichever camp you fall into, know that you–YES, YOU–are loved. And that love isn’t reserved for one day out of the year. Romantic partner or not, someone out there cares a whole heap about you. In fact, I’d bet more than just one someone does (and I am not the gambling type). Because you’re a pretty kickass human being, aren’t you? *nudge* Aren’t you? Say it with me: “I am a kickass human being, and I am loved, damn it!”

Which brings me to my next point: regardless of who out there loves you (or doesn’t), the most important kind of love is that which we give ourselves. No, you pervert, I don’t mean THAT kind of self-loving. I mean the daily practice of compassion, acceptance, and support you give yourself in the form of positive thoughts, little pep talks in your head, and knowing that you are enough just as you are. While there’s something to be said for trying to be a better person/employee/student/significant other/family member/friend/etc. each day, that starts with a strong foundation of self-compassion.

So this Valentine’s Day, take a moment to be kind to yourself. Show yourself some love! Visit your favorite sit-and-think spot and reflect on what makes you happy in life. Write down the top five things you dig about yourself. Before you go to bed, name three things you’re thankful for. Give someone a hug. Shoot, give yourself a hug!

That’s all I’m asking–one moment of kindness for you. And if it makes you feel like you just got hosed down with the positive slime from Ghostbusters II, keep that momentum going beyond Valentine’s Day.

Because you’re loved. You’re a kickass human being. And you’re worth it.

Hose 'him! Original here.

Hose him! Original here.


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