When I set out on my journey to conquer dragons last year, something happened that I didn’t expect.

the cool kids clubIn The Hobbit, Bilbo is quite content to meander around the Shire as he always has, enjoying the familiar comforts of home. He protests as he is whisked away on an adventure. But the longer Bilbo is in the company of the thirteen courageous dwarves, the more they start to rub off on him. He finds himself instilled with an audacious fortitude he never contemplated possible.

That’s what happens when you keep company with sword-wielding dragonslayers: you’re likely to become one yourself.

As I’ve waved my sword around at my own dragons, the people around me have been inspired to take on their own. Running a 5k, starting up (regular) blogs, joining a gym, going back to school–the adventures abound. It’s thrilling to see the sense of accomplishment these folks are getting from conquering their own dragons. All it took was a little nudge out of the door.

Thus I am making an addendum to my original post: Conquering dragons is contagious. All the more reason to take up the sword, right? Who knows what adventures you’ll inspire with your dragonslaying! And let me tell you, there are few things that cement the bonds of friendship like slaying dragons together.

What have I got in my pocket? A bit of moxie and sass. Careful, though! If you stand close enough, you just might find them in your own pocket.


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