[Note: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Major changes in my life must be dictated by the exact moment and frame of mind required to succeed. The stars don’t magically align for that simply because we roll over a new calendar year. Thus I must emphatically assert that this is not a resolution.]

I am not a runner.

Most people reading this probably remember those physical fitness tests in school–one of which was to run a mile. I think I finished around 14 or 15 minutes–and that was in my prime. I haven’t really pounded the pavement since.

So why in the hell did I sign up for the Color Me Rad 5k in August?

Maybe I was seduced by the pictures of smiling people splattered with bright colors. They certainly don’t look exhausted. In fact, they look like they’re having fun! Or maybe my imperial system brain couldn’t comprehend how far a 5 kilometer run actually is. Maybe I thought, “Bah! That’s like eight months from now! Plenty of time to get ready!”

Once I had publicly committed to Color Me Rad, there was no backing out. That’s part of why I did it. One little Facebook post and a few tweets helped keep me accountable.

And now that I’ve actually signed up, I feel the panic coming over me.

Oh man, it's real now...

Oh man, it’s real now… Wanna run/jog/walk with me? Sign up under Team Hearts and Stars, team captain name Motia.

What have I gotten myself into? I’m not a runner. What if I can’t finish the run? What if it’s unbearably hot? What if I fall flat on my face?

Remember my post last year about conquering dragons? This 3+ mile long dragon with rainbow scales is a big one for me in 2013. Running a 5k was never on my proverbial bucket list, but I’m coming out swinging at it all the same. Color Me Rad, you will be mine this August. Oh yes. Prepare to be conquered!

5 thoughts on “A DRAGON OF MANY COLORS

  1. Get it! You can do it girl.. I’ve done two now, not recently. There will be people walking, jogging, and running as well as people encouraging you the entire way! I may sign up to join you :)

  2. I love the idea of it, but I cannot get over the idea of other people throwing pigment onto me. If I am going to get dirty, at least let me control it!

    I was the child who refused to slide down the Muddy River Gorge during Franke Park Daycamp, so I guess it’s something that’s plagued me for years!

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